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Innovation, Competence, and Reliability

BRIGHT’s in-house laboratory is innovative, competent, and reliable, equipped with instruments and apparatus, specific for luminaire and light testing, in full compliance with international standards as well as customer-requested specifications.

The professionalism of our highest skilled personnel is guaranteed by the constant training and high level of preparation through experience in testing and metrology, alongside with the ISO 17025:2017 accreditation.

Our laboratory is capable of performing tests from the following sectors:

  • Photometry
  • Photobiological Evaluation
  • Safety
  • Environmentalal, IK, and IP
  • Performance and ErP



Light can transform areas. In our photometry laboratory, we validate the lighting parameters of our luminaires and how our products perform in real-life applications.

BRIGHT LAB implements an accredited Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 17025:2017 from ESYD (Hellenic Accreditation System) for photometry testing, being the only accredited laboratory in Greece for photometry tests.

We are capable of performing tests in compliance with EN 13032-1, EN 13032-2, EN 13032-4, and LM-79 standards.


Photobiological Evaluation

BRIGHT LAB can evaluate the hazards of light-emitting equipment. Specifically, we can evaluate the photobiological risk (UV risks actinic skin and eye, UV-eye, blue light small source, IR eye, skin thermal, blue light, retinal thermal, thermal retinal weak visual stimulus) that can emanate from light sources and light-emitting devices. The photobiological evaluation tests are performed in compliance with EN 62471 and IEC/TR 62778 standards.



All luminaire and household equipment must be safe-to-use. BRIGHT LAB performs safety testing on luminaires in compliance with EN 60598-1 and various EN 60598-2-xx standards.


Environmental, IK, and IP

BRIGHT LAB can perform tests on luminaires and other equipment regarding their environmental properties, impact resistance (IK degree), and ingress protection (IP degree) in compliance with EN 60529, EN 62262, and IEC/TR 62969 standards.

Performance & ErP

BRIGHT LAB conducts tests regarding the energy efficiency and performance of luminaires and light sources, as well as the newly implemented requirement by EPREL legislation for PSTLM (flicker) and SVM (stroboscopic) measurements.